Looking for Interior Paint Which Is Washable?

What Are the Different Types of Finishes an Interior Painter Will Use?

Interior paints come in various finishes, sometimes referred to as sheens, which will impact how well it will reflect the light. Flat or matte finishes normally absorb light, and have a tendency to be excellent at covering any blemishes and uneven areas. This type of paint is easy to use, but not so easy to clean up. High gloss paints are on the other side of the spectrum. These normally reflect light and are extremely durable; however, it can be very unforgiving, and show every brush stroke when dry. Eggshell, semi-gloss and satin finishes come somewhere in between the other two.

A flat finish is a paint which has not much shine and will not reflect light. It’s considered to be one of the most basic finishes. Rank amateurs will have luck using this paint due to the fact that it is very dense, uniform in color which spreads evenly, and hides small imperfections such as minor holes and bumps. Roller and brush strokes will disappear when dried, so the finish looks smooth and even, even if some places have more paint than other areas.

Some manufacturers will sell this type of paint beneath the matte name. There isn’t much difference between matte and flat, as both are high density, no shine, and simple to use. But, they are not very durable, and if they are advertised as washable, most interior painter experts find clean walls without taking of this paint. Small blemishes can be cleaned off; however, bigger spills or regular traffic will make it much more difficult. Many homeowners choose flat or matte paint for their guest bedrooms, and other rooms which don’t see much usage.

Eggshell finishes are also referred to as matte plus because they resemble matte paint but have very little sheen and are a bit more durable. Paints within this category will reflect a little light and are easier to clean. In addition, they hold up more to regular wear and tear.

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