Green Interior Painting Solutions for Your Home

You Are a Fan of Green? Our Residential Painting Professionals Know How You Can Use the Color In Your Home Decor

You love the nature, outdoor activities, emeralds, and dragons? Then green is definitely your favorite color as well. Despite the fact that white is back in fashion, when we talk about interior wall painting, our residential painter believes that green is also a suitable color for your domestic interior. If you want to find his recommendations for your next home upgrade project, read this post to its very end!

There are almost 40 shades of green that you can chose from when you open a paint product catalog. Not all of them are suitable for your home, of course. In order to help you make the right choice, the residential painting service provider Aquarelle Painting & Services Inc has prepared a list of color nuances that you can use in each of your rooms.

  • Kitchen greens – they need to be warm and welcoming: lime, apple green, forest green, dark spring green, etc.
  • Living room greens – they need to be really dark, to make the place look cozier. You can combine these nuances: hunter green, Dartmouth green, Pakistan green, and pine green.
  • Bedroom greens – here you can experiment more, but the best colors which will boost your relaxation and will help you easily fall asleep are: jungle green, Persian green, teal, sea green, asparagus and pistachio.
  • Guest room greens – you can use the same greens as the one in your bedroom, or something brighter, like Indian green and spring bud.
  • Bathroom greens – here, you definitely need to use color nuances that will help you easily wake up in the morning and make you feel fresh:
  • Hallway greens – they do not have to be too bright and shocking, so you can use matte nuances like: olive, olive drab, artichoke, fern green, avocado, and asparagus.
  • Kid’s play room greens – kids love bright colors, so don’t be afraid to experiment with: lawn green, spring green, mint, and yellow-green. It has been proven that all greens help your children feel more relaxed and behave even while playing.
  • Home office greens – for this one, prefer lighter nuances because they will boost your productivity better: honeydew and mint cream.

If you don’t know how to combine all these shades, our residential painting professionals can help you. We specialize in interior painting, so you don’t have to worry about the final result. To reach our residential painter in Somerville, MA and book a consultation with him, you can dial (617) 938-4028!